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Lapland Fam


Lapland: EXPERIENCE THE POHJOLA ROUTE; The winter season has its own, magical atmosphere and brings out new perspectives to the ordinary. Everything looks, smells and tastes different in winter. And instead of closing down, winter opens up experiences that you just can’t have in the summer months.

“It feels good to be lost in the right direction.” 

- Unknown

Trip Details

This trip that Teri Hurley has set up was over the top amazing. This is my 3rd trip with her.
We travel well together.
It was all new to me even though I live in MN.
I loved it all!! - Penny

It would be difficult to pick a favorite ! Each day was a new experience and something I never thought I would do ! The snow was beautiful .. I would go back in the winter! - Angie

Finland was an incredible experience never to be forgotten. Teri did an outstanding job pulling together itineraries for us to deep dive into several different regions. It’s an amazing country that has yet to be tapped by US market. All of the locations and resorts were prefect in their own personalities. The ice-breaking and floating will never be forgotten.
Wow what an experience. - Leslie


A Culinary Journey

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