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TPEE  Karisma Fam

Make the investment in yourself of taking the training and consider some of the unique and wonderful fam opportunities that TPEE offers, you will not regret it!

Thank you Teri and all the other wonderful agents that were on this fam, it was a pleasure meeting you all and I loved every minute of it!



This was the best fam I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending and I can’t wait to wholeheartedly recommend these properties.  Great pics. Great fam. Teri does it again.

I would like to thank Hotel Arte and Melissa for inviting our group TPEE to come here and experience this resort..I have never been on a more relaxing fam trip in my life. And to have this gorgeous view outside my balcony listening to the birds chirping and the waterfalls. It's so beautiful and so relaxing.. this place is truly amazing.

Thank You Karisma Resorts!  We                  You!

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“It feels good to be lost in the right direction”  

- Unknown

This was one of the best FAMs I’ve been on. Great group of sweet ladies! Thanks for a good time.

And thank you Teri Hurley for hosting us here. We appreciate your hard work putting these FAMs together.



...It was awesome. Just didn't last long enough because it was so great!

I was blessed to join a small group of travel agents at Hotel Xcaret Arte in Playa Del Carmen. This resort is something else. What an experience.  It's so relaxing!  This was a great trip. Thank you for everything.

professional travel agents education group

Interested in TPEE?

Do you have what it takes?  Are You:
  1. An Established Travel Agent?
  2. Do you carry a valid Iata?
  3. Have a proven Lineage of Sales?
  4. Have an active Business Facebook Page?
  5. Have an active Business Website?
  6. Believe in Professional Business Protocol?
*credentials must be substantiated
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