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TPEE Virgin Voyages Fam

* Fresh

* Forward

* Fun

* Fantastic Food

* Five Star Service

This isn't your Grandmother's cruise! You might find a few newly wed but most definately you won't find the nearly dead!



Virgin Voyages had something for everyone! Never a dull moment! The food was phenomal, truly a pleasant surprise! The workouts were extraordinary and the yoga session on the perch at sunrise was spectacular! I can't wait to go again!

The food was really, really good no matter what restaurant or area of the ship you ate at. We enjoyed listening to music each evening in the smaller venues around the ship. I loved the hammocks on the veranda of the room, and felt like I have never been more relaxed on a cruise in my life. The private island visit to Bimini was absolutely wonderful. I traveled with my sister and we both truly enjoyed it!

Thank You Virgin Voyages!  We                  You!

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“It feels good to be lost in the right direction”  

- Unknown

“I knew a lot of things were going to be different with Virgin Voyages but I never expected to find the amazing, inclusive and eco-friendly floating utopia that a Virgin Voyage really is. I’ve never been one to repeat ships or even cruise lines but now I don’t want to sail with anyone else! I LOVE VV!


The check in process was a breeze. The ship is easy to get around. Loved the hammock on the balcony and Virgin Voyage has the best dining and food options. The demarcation was the best of any cruiseline I have sailed on.

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